What is it

Highly Efficient

Viruses are eliminated within minutes of being in contact with the film, reducing the risk of transmission in surfaces that are frequently touched. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike disinfectant sprays or wipes, Nanoshield is self-cleansing. With replacement every 6 to 12 months, Nanoshield helps you save costs on disinfecting alcohol and human hours.  

Installs Easily

Our antiviral films come with an adhesive backing that makes it simple to install. 

Just cut to size, peel, and stick. 

Lab Tested

Tested and proven laboratories all around the world, including the USA, Japan, Australia, and Singapore. 

How does it work?

Copper Ions

Electrically charged copper ions attach to viruses and bacteria, stopping the way they work.

Reactive Oxygen Species

The nano-copper reacts with molecules that are produced by bacteria (H2O2 , O2•–) to form a chemical substance called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). ROS damages both the proteins and nucleic acids in viruses and bacteria providing an antibacterial and antiviral effect.

Direct Contact

All viruses are surrounded by a protective protein layer that holds the infectious components inside. In order for viruses to spread this layer needs remain intact. Copper particles are rapidly absorbed into this protein layer bursting their protective wall.


CuVira –
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Competitor A –
Copper Alloy
Competitor B –
Silver Ion
Competitor C –
Nano Spray
Anti-viralYesSome effectSome effectNo
EffectivenessMinutesWithin hoursWithin hoursWithin hours
Requires water or light for activationNoYes - moistureYes - lightYes - moisture
TransparencyClear (85%)OpaqueOpaqueMat
Thermo formed for fully functional keypadsYesNoNoN/A