Independently tested and certified
Kills 99.99% of Coronavirus in 30 Minutes .
What is a surrogate?
‘Surrogate’, to put in simple terms, is a substitute. Most labs are currently not allowed perform commercial research tests using SARS-CoV-2: the virus responsible for COVID-19. Instead, research facilities perform tests on surrogates; viruses whose properties, genus and structure are very similar to those of the SARS-CoV-2; known as a betacoronavirus. Nanoshield’s technology has been independently tested and proven effective against two recognised coronavirus surrogates, Mouse Hepatitis Virus (MHV) and Human coronavirus OC-43.

How fast does Nanoshield work?
Nanoshield is effective in eliminating both viruses and bacteria, making your surface continuously self disinfecting. Our lab tests have shown that Nanoshield films and phone accessories kill 99.99% of the contact viruses, such as the Coronavirus (in 30 minutes), Influenza Virus (in 3 minutes), E.Coli (in 5 minutes) and Staphylococcus Aureus (in 15 minutes).

Case Study

Standard value≥3≥99.9%-
Unused sample≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Actual sampleNursing home ABathroom handrail2.6≥99.8%
Living room door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Living room door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Nursing home BRestroom door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Restroom door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Restroom handrail≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Clean room door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Clean room door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Nursing home CBathroom handrail≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Nurse station door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Nurse station door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Nurse station door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Indoor door≥3.6≥99.9%OK
Indoor door≥3.6≥99.9%OK