We have supercharged copper’s natural ability to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Cuvira is infused with Nanoshield™ Technology, a patented nanoparticles copper compound (cuprous) ion within the very top layer of our films, coatings and surfaces. This process amplifies the active surface area of copper’s natural disinfectant powers, reducing self-disinfection time from 2+ hours (traditional copper) to minutes.

This superior nanotechnology is manufactured in Japan and is the world’s fastest antiviral and antibacterial protective coverings, against nano-silver, silver ions, copper alloy and zinc.

How it works.

Viruses and bacteria (pathogens) can survive on hard surfaces for long periods of time. SARS-CoV-2 – the virus responsible for COVID-19 has been studied to survive up to 28 days* on plastic and stainless steel including common surfaces such as banknotes and mobile phone screens, much longer than previously thought. Surfaces that are frequently touched can be a vector for disease transmission.

Cuvira (Screen and Surface Protective covers) use a proprietary optically clear PET polymer infused with electrically charged nanoparticles of cuprous copper ions that attach to virus and bacteria, stopping the way they work and killing them within minutes.

Cuvira continuous antiviral properties become an essential part of your hygiene practices.

*CSIRO Study October 2020

How fast does Cuvira work.

Cuvira is effective in eliminating both viruses and bacteria, making your surface continuously self disinfecting.

Our lab tests have shown that Cuvira films and phone accessories kill 99.99% of the contact viruses, such as the Coronaviruses (in 30 minutes), Influenza Virus (in 3 minutes), E.Coli (in 5 minutes) and Staphylococcus Aureus (in 15 minutes).

With any common cleaner or disinfectant. Do not use scourers, solvents or the like.

The Cuvira sheet deactivates viruses from the first minute, eliminating 99.94% in less than half an hour.

The properties of copper to prevent infections have been known since ancient times. In the 20th century and before penicillin, copper was used to treating tuberculosis or syphilis. In the seventeenth century, it was used in agriculture to combat pests. Civilizations such as the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Aztec or Maya, used copper in their pipes, their utensils, their vessels, etc., knowing the extraordinary antimicrobial properties it possesses. Various researchers, following EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations, have shown that copper or its alloys are capable of eliminating 99.9% of the pathogenic bacteria deposited on it in hours.

Copper has also shown the ability to destroy high-transmission viruses, inactivating a protease enzyme important for viral replication and causing its elimination and death within hours. Under the protection of these empirical experiences, our laboratories have managed to discover and later manufacture in our factory in South Korea, a copper product (accelerated Cu nanoparticles) combined with other elements, with extraordinary virucidal and bactericidal properties while allowing its easy installation on a multitude of surfaces.

The Covid19 is an infectious disease that affects directly to the lung cavity which can even cause death. Since the vaccine and medical treatments to cure the virus require long-term testing, at this time the best way to prevent infection is by reducing the spread of the virus. However, Cuvira protection is fully valid for other viruses and bacteria.

Historically, copper has been used as an antibacterial element and its properties have been known for more than 8,000 years. It is fully certified and tested against 99% of bacteria. The polyolefin sheet fused with copper nanoparticles releases ions that produce oxygen radicals. Polyolefin foil fused with copper nanoparticles releases ions that produce oxygen radicals that kill viruses and bacteria.

No. With the configuration of the polyolefin sheet, any transmission of heavy metals to the human body is avoided.

As bactericidal and virucidal: Certification from the South Korean Ministry of Health. Certificates of Analysis from the American Society for Microbiology. By the Society for the Application of Microbiology. SGS certification.

It can be applied on any surface , as long as it is clean, dust-free and smooth, such as furniture, doors, counters, handles, railings, elevator buttons.

The antibacterial properties of the foil are not lost over time. It should only be replaced when it becomes loose or if the surface is discoloured or broken.

You can install it yourself with a simple putty knife and cutter. We also recommend the use of a spray with soap and water on non-porous surfaces (glass, etc.). For large installations ask our technical service