Nestlé Professional, the global leader in out of home branded hot and cold beverage and food solutions, is deploying anti-viral and anti-bacterial self-disinfecting screen protectors for its out of home coffee machines.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are looking for more reassurance on safety and hygiene when they have a coffee on-the-go, at work or a convenience store.

In an effort to provide solutions adapted to the current sanitary situation, Nestlé Professional teamed up with Nanoveu, a leading technology research company to customize its NanoshieldTM anti-viral and anti-bacterial screen protector for Nestlé Professional’s Nescafé and We Proudly Serve Starbucks® coffee machines.

“We want to be able to support our customers in any possible way, to assist them to serve their consumers in a safe and reliable manner,” said Reinhold Jakobi, Head of Nestlé Professional’s Strategic Business Unit. “Offering tools to help our customers to be able to continue serving coffee to their consumers in challenging times is of the utmost importance.”

The state-of-the-art self-disinfecting NanoshieldTM film is composed of a PET foil with a special resin layer, containing an active copper component. The films have undergone rigorous scientific testing to prove its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

The self-disinfecting properties of the NanoshieldTM film remain active under various practical use cases, such as high frequency touching and daily cleaning.

Ensuring the safety and quality of its products is a key priority for Nestlé. The company leveraged its R&D expertise in virology and food safety at the Nestlé Institute of Food Safety and Analytical Sciences located in Lausanne, Switzerland to scientifically validate different anti-viral solutions. A scientific study which includes the NanoshieldTM product results, will be published in a peer reviewed journal soon.

Zenon Mandralis, Head of Research and Development for Nestlé Professional, added: “We continue to explore a wide range of novel solutions such as ordering through apps, touchless machines, and screen protectors to support our customers. The screen protections are a great solution because they can be easily used on current beverage machines and complement existing enhanced hygiene measures we already have in place for our coffee solutions.”

The customized NanoshieldTM films are designed to precisely fit the Nescafé touch screen and touch pad coffee machines, which are available around the world. Specific Nanoshields will also be available for We Proudly Serve Starbucks® coffee in selected markets.

“We are fortunate to be working with Nestlé, such a great global partner who understands the importance of NanoshieldTM and its efficacy in protecting against viruses – particularly against the COVID-19 virus,” commented Alfred Chong, Nanoveu’s Executive Chairman and CEO. “Together both organizations have a strong desire to develop solutions which enable better health and safety outcomes for consumers in the new environment in which we are all now living.”

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